why marring on santorini?

Because a marriage on Santorini sets no limits to romance.


This wonderful, mystic island is steeped in legend. One of them says that the island Santorini is in reality one piece of sunken Atlantis. People believe that the patroness of Santorini, Saint Irini, watches over all couples who get married there and that she protects and guards their marriage.  


Crystal clear water, sun, stunning views of the volcano and the breathtaking vastness of the sea as well as the typical white churches with their blue cupolas, create the inimitable atmosphere of an infinite harmony.


Marry looking over the rooftops of Santorini and experience the gorgeous feeling of peace.


My team and I would like to give you the opportunity to realize your dream of an unforgettable wedding on this unique Greek island. The singularity thereof is the fluent transition of the marriage ceremony into a romantic journey.


We are looking forward to making your dream come true.

Photo: Isabel Sacher


I am looking forward to planning and organising your wedding exactly according to your conception that your dream on Santorini comes true. I will realize your individual wishes creatively, flexibly and entirely personally.


At the first meeting we get to know each other and clarify how you imagine your perfect day. Here we discuss the most important cornerstones, i.e. date, location, budget and the next steps. An open communication is very important to me so that I can execute your ideas perfectly. Therefore, a second meeting is appropriate. Each concept is special and personally tailored for the clients.


I would like to plan weddings with love for detail and high cost transparency for couples who do not want to leave anything to chance on their big day and who are seeking for the most exquisite location. For couples who want to work only with really reliable and scrutinized partners and who desire that a golden thread runs through the celebration. For couples that want to enjoy their wedding day to the fullest and want to be able to rely on me completely as the on-site coordinator who keeps things firmly in hand.


For couples like you!

Photo: Isabel Sacher

Photo: Isabel Sacher

Photo: Isabel Sacher

about me

I successfully completed an apprenticeship as a florist and subsequently as a management assistant. Furthermore, I am a certified “wedding planner VUSH / SAWI”. My passion in each job has always been to offer the clients only the best and to cater to their individual convenience and needs.

Photo: Isabel Sacher

Photo: Isabel Sacher

My love and passion for Santorini developed on a simple trip to this wonderful island. I then also met many interesting locals who support me with my ideas and help me to realize them on site on Santorini. Thus, paired with my affinity for organising, my sense of beauty and my eye for detail, we form an outstanding team who will make your perfect wedding on Santorini come true.

Photo: Isabel Sacher

Photo: Isabel Sacher

Photo: Isabel Sacher


Dear couple


If you are already convinced or still have open questions, I am pleased about your contact - so we can start after a non-binding interview directly into our cooperation and your  wedding planning.


I can not wait to hear more about you and your dream wedding.


Lovely greetings


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Photo: Isabel Sacher

Santorin is one of the most southern islands of the Cyclades and it is mostly called ‘Santorini’ or ‘Thira’ in Greece. The crescentic form of Santorin developed due to several volcano eruptions. The last eruption happened about 3600 years ago. Santorin forms together with the islands Aspronisi and Thirasia a caldera. The caldera of Santorin is partially over 365 metres deep and up to 300 metres high and is mainly precipitous. This makes Santorin with its 300 metres high crater walls one of the most exceptional islands in the world.


Some towns of Santorin, for instance Fira and Oia, are mostly directly built into the scarps of the caldera. These places do not only provide a sublime scenery when looked at from the sea, but they also offer an incredibly fascinating view to visitors strolling around them.

The island Santorin has been one of the most visited islands of the Cyclades for many years. This is due to the breathtaking places of the caldera, but also thanks to the fascinatingly diverse beaches that are perfect for holidays at the seaside. 


Area: 90.96 km2

Maximum length: 18 km

Maximum width: 12 km

Island group: Cyclades


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Photo: Isabel Sacher